We’re a boutique branding and communication consulting company that prides itself on fostering meaningful relationships with its clients.


We do this by learning their business from top to bottom and providing strategic guidance on everything from the articulation of a mission statement to the visual elements of a powerful brand.


Sandra Abreu

President & Founder

Sandra is an experienced brand & marketing strategist that successfully combines a great eye for design with best practices in communication strategy. During the course of her career, she has worked with multinational corporations and C-suites across the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

When she’s not delivering results for her clients, Sandra dedicates time to her other passions - food, travel and her pets Santo, Rainbow, Cuca and Papi.


Bia Assevero

Lead, Integrated Comms & Copywriting

Bia is a communication professional with a passion for telling stories that connect people and inspire purposeful action. She has experience developing corporate communications and leading public relations and sponsorship strategy execution.

Outside of work, Bia loves to read, travel and learn new languages.


Julian Arenas

Lead, Creative & Design

Julian is a trained graphic designer that specializes in visual concepts and art direction that elevate the key message or core function of each piece he develops. He is well versed in color theory and heavily influenced by the geometry of the world around him.

Julian’s other inspirations come from his various hobbies, including outdoor sports, travel and music.

Our philosophy is resolutely client centric and we work closely with each client in order to deliver maximum impact and added value.

  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment - we start each project with a comprehensive needs assessment to make sure that we understand your strategic objectives

  • Proposal - based on your needs we craft a proposal that showcases high-level strategy and concepts as well as a detailed scope of work and estimated costs

  • Delivery & Execution - once the proposal is approved we get to work on implementation and delivering results

  • Measuring Impact - after the project or engagement is completed, we provide you a report that summarizes completed work and results achieved