Ginkins International, LLC was created to serve the personal and business communication needs of our clients, particularly in the digital space. Our expertise in visual communication and presentation allows us to create high impact strategies that effectively deliver a strong and focused brand message.

The Ginkins philosophy has its origins in the art of photography and the power of images to connect with people, tapping into their emotions, their thought process and ultimately their decision making. Blended with years of corporate experience, that artistic element inspired Sandra Abreu to found Ginkins - a company that develops and executes communication strategies to help its clients navigate a rapidly changing world of communication.


Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner to lead your communication strategy from A to Z or additional expertise to validate or implement an existing strategy, Ginkins has an experienced team that can meet your needs.

Unless otherwise requested by the client, Ginkins will conduct a virtual needs assessment designed to establish the client’s goals and priorities and then craft a proposal. Our goal is always to understand the client’s objectives and then give them what they want and what they need.


In addition to the strategic value that we add to our clients, Ginkins’ expertise in graphic design gives us an additional range of tools - from the use of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques - to effectively process your communication needs and generate a successful final product. We can provide everything from product packaging and collateral materials to advertisements, web banner design and so much more.

Ginkins is an also an international family that can easily operate in any market. We speak your language* and can help to differentiate your brand.

*English, Spanish ,Portuguese, French and Italian